Need to find out the best burners for my setup

I am buying a SFF case for a new pc I’m building, the case only comes with 2 5.25" drive bays and i want to know the best setup to be able to burn DVDs (All formats) and CD (All formats). I have a Lite-on 52x burner right now and I love that fact that you can rip and burn almost any cd protection out there right now. I would like this setup to do the same. I was thinking to buy two of the Plextor PX-708A because then I can do DVD burning on the fly, burn DVDs at 8x, and also have 40x CD burning. Are there any other combos that would work better, or a burner that would work better for this setup?

With your proposed setup, you will only be able to burn Non-CSS protected DVDs on the fly. Perhaps a CDRW/DVD Combo drive and a DVD burner of your choice would be a much better option.

For the same price as 2 Plextors, you can have 3 burners plus an external firewire case for one of them. Food for thought.