Need to Downgrade Firmware for LG 8526B to 8525B




I need to flash an LG GCE-8526B CDRW Drive with a LG GCE-8525B Firmware.

Can anyone give me some pointers on how to do this, or how to get hold of a Bios Editor to try and hack the Bios myself.

Thanks for any help,



OK, so i seem to have killed one CD Burner.
The tray now stays open when windows boots, and the open/close button just switches the little LED on and off. If i shut the tray manually, it just comes straight back open.

It IS detected as a 8525B in Windows and the Bios, but i can’t do much with it at the moment.
I HAD left a CD in the drive, while i was flashing, and i think this could have been a problem, so i am going to flash another 8526B to see if the same happens again…

If anyone has an easier/safer way to do this, i’ll be only too happy to try.




Nope, same again with the 2nd drive.
This time there was no CD in it, but exact same result.

Anyone know how to do this? Please?

I’ll just repeat myself for clarity:
I need to flash an LG 8526B CDRW into a 8525B if it is possible.
If you can flash a 8525B into a 8526B, then surely you can flash back the other way?




Hmmm, over two days and not a peep from anyone?



Not a very interesting subject.

Thanks anyway,