Need to decide between the ND-2500a and the ND-2510a

Alright, I’m just about to purchse a burner from They have the ND-2500a for $69.99 and the ND-2510a for $92.99.

Has it already pretty much been established that the ND-2500a and ND-2510a are indentical and burn results are the pretty much the same in either drive with dual layer DVDs? I’d like to be sure I have dual layer working properly.

If you want DL burning capability for sure, buy the 2510! :wink:

In the UK the diffence at some shops is £2 LOL

For those prices, why not just get both. Just in case on bombs out, then you can have a stand by. Those prices combined still don’t add up to the sony dl.


Seriously though :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have a lot of money to spend right now, but I would like to have dual layer capability.

Then get the ND-2510A and you are sure to have a DL drive. The $23 price is insignificant compared to the time you will have to live with the drive.

there is no nd-2510 in the place i live in,i could hardly find the 2500 and i bought it for about 130 USD 10 days ago approx…if the 2510 was there i would’ve bought it to support the great work NEC guys are doing.oh and you’ll aslo get a REAL and legal 100% working dual layer drive and i believe it’ll be much better than many other drives out there…
just my 2 cents

Yes, the ND2500A and ND2510A are practically identical. The big reason why I would recommend an ND2510A over the ND2500A for DL writing though is that the optical pickup has been calibrated for dual layer media. Its unknown whether all ND2500A units will be able to successfully write to DL media, just some, or all will experience a problem of some sort.

Results seem good so far that ND2500A units work with dual layer media, but its still new technology. Since the price difference is like $20, I’d rather spend that money and be sure that my DL media is going to work.

That said, I already had an ND2500A drive, so the free upgrade to dual layer support is nice indeed.

Well, alright, maybe I will pick up the ND-2510a. Is there a firmware for that drive that gives you all the features of Herries ND-2500a firmware?

Yes, herrie’s 1.07 V2 Beta 5 firmware is based on the HP firmware for their dual layer-capable drive.

So it has all the media hacks, bitsetting, and dual layer support.

I believe he has another version in beta testing right now that also adds some more media support as well.

Ah, so that firmware works for both drives? Alright, thanks :slight_smile:

anyone know some online shops shipping to europe and accepting paypal?
i don’t find nec 2510a in my country! :frowning:

Last question… Can people use the same dual layer media, and make a burn with both drives, and then compare KProbe scans and tests on standalone machines, and then compare those tests against each other to see if the drivers burn virtually identically? With more dual layer media hitting the market soon, could this be done?

Sure, someone could.

But that would only reveal how that person’s ND-2500A drive compares the the ND-2510A. Its possible that someone else’s ND-2500A will perform significantly better or significantly worse if its true that the write quality will be tied to the optical pickup unit on the drive.

The fact that several of us have had success burning dual layer media on our ND-2500A drives doesn’t mean that you should save the small cost difference and get an ND-2500A drive. It’s encouraging that if you do, you will probably be able to burn dual layer media. But if you’re buying the drive with the intention of using dual layer media, then the ND-2510A should be the drive purchased. That way you are assured of getting a drive that NEC is confident will write dual layer media with the best compatibility.

I’d be interested in seeing some KProble/CDSpeed graphs comparing the two drives, but I know it will most likely have little to do with the performance of my drive. Considering the wide differences in KProbe scans on ND-2500A drives with the same types of media, its all relative. :slight_smile:

Bah, Newegg just lowered the price on their ND-2510a (down to $89.99 from $92.99), I think I’m just going to pick it up and relax :slight_smile:

Hahah, I mean really now. That’s less than what drives that don’t support dual layer (and some that don’t support dual format) cost.


Where do I get the NERO 6 Verison OEM 1 and the DL Patch? NewEgg is not offering it in a bundle with the drive…

Will the drive work (without the DL feature) using Nero 6.3 Ultra Edition (its not on the supported drive list, yet - 2500a is).


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@lambdaman: I think the the present version of Nero supports the drive.