Need to copy SD card bit for bit to another

Now the problem I’m having is that i need to copy over some stuff that doesn’t want to be copied. Is there a program that is like a SD cloner or something? Need to bypass these things that don’t want to be copied.

This may be too simple of solution & you may have tried this.

Ctrl + c to copy

Ctrl + v to paste

Failing all that It might be easier to use something like Clonezilla to make a clone of your SD card to an identical card…

this can be done either as a direct clone IF you have two card readers or possibly
as an intermediate image saved to one of your hard drives, though this requires considerably more familiarity with clonezilla or whichever cloning program you choose to use…


you might also go to the COMMAND prompt and try the copy command straight from DOS window

its actually the sd card that comes with navigation and other stuff i bought with my parrot asteroid smart car deck. So it is not as easy as copy and paste so i will try clonezilla. Thanks for the help everyone.

I think clonezilla or another cloning program as suggested by AllanDeGroot is probably the best option.
On a SD card like this one there may be a [B]hidden partition[/B] .
That may be the reason just copy & paste doesn’t work.

So let us know if clonezilla works . I may have a suggestion if it doesn’t but I would like to know first .