Need to Copy NASCAR Racing 2003

I am trying to make a backup of NASCAR Racing 2003…

Please barewith me as I don’t know much about security and backups and all that other Jazz…

How might I be able to skirt around the copy protection that is on the cd? I currently have Windows XP with a Polaroid BurnMax48
I have Blindwrite 2.4.5 what extra software do I need?

Any and all help is appreciated in advance


Download the latest verion of Blindwrite and use it.

VSO Software

It should be able to backup that game with the default settings give it a try do it on a cd-rw 1st until you have made a working backup.

Good Luck.

Thanks … I downloaded the latest version…this time when i put the burned back up in my regular cd drive it read it and showed the start up screen but when i pressed ‘play game’ it acted like it was going to and then said that the wrong disk was inserted. As i got to investigating…i put the actual NR2003 CD back in the drive, right clicked on the icon from my computer and looked at the properties…it said there was 444mb of stuff on there…when i explored the cd though and highlighted everything it said there was only 443mb of items…so something is hidden correct?

How do i figure out what is hidden? and get it to burn?

Hi again,

The game you are trying to backup has Securom 4.85 protection.

Give this a go download Blindwrite 4.5.7 from the VSO site and read the following posts for a guide as to what to do and search for more on Securom 4.8+ for your own understanding.

Look here for some info

Using v4.5.7 you will need to make a BWA file if your drive doesn’t make a good file go to portmacs site and download a BWA file for this game.

Portmacs BWA Files

Anyway best of luck and read some of the posts about Securom New it should help you.