Need to copy dvd to another for my own collection

i’m new to this forum, if i posted in the wrong place, do move it to the right one. thks.

would like to know how can i burn the exact movie from one dvd to another? i have some really precious dvd movie collection and wont want to lose them… but i understand that dvd will be faulty and cant be view after some period…

can anyone teach me what software i can get so i can copy and burn directly to another dvd?

thanks a lot…

Are you wishing to backup a complete Dvd to fit on a Dual Layer blank disc or are you just wishing to backup the movie from a complete Dvd to fit on a Single Layer blank disc, so that you can watch the backup & keep your original safe? If you just want the movie check HERE posts #67 to 74, but also please read post #78.

sorry to ask such ignorant qns… wat is the diff btw dual layer and single layer disc???

some of the dvd collection i have are original and some are not… can i know if there is any difference when it comes to burning them???

It is not an ignorant question, what it boils down to is the size of the information or in your case the Dvd that you wish to backup. You are looking for Dvd+/-R & Dvd+R DL at the following link. You also might want to keep the link as it might come in handy for you.

Simply, have a DVD burner with a fairly fast processor. FREE downloads from the net, DVD Fab decrypter to take protections off the movie and copy it to the hard drive. Then, DVD Shrink 3.2 (and have a version of Nero installed for burning) to shrink and burn to a blank DVD. Single layer, 4.7 GB disks are fine as Shrink will compress data down to fit. Works fine, just remember to delete ALL temp files when done or you’ll fill up hard drive (you need at least 14 GB free space).

thks for the link… beef barley…

i’m thinking of burning into DVD+R. is it good enough? how to check the space to see if its enough to burn all into a dual layer DVD?

loveladyrick… when delete temp files, where do i find them and delete it from hard disk after burning into dvd?

can i know if its more advisable to copy movies into hard disk from time to time or burn into dvd… which option is able to keep the movies for a long period of time?

Most burners now can use +R or -R disks, I use mainly +R’s. Dual layer DVD’s are still quite expensive, I’d recommend regular 4.7 GB disks and just let Shrink compress as needed. You can also just copy the main movie and no extras if you don’t want a lot of compression. Some movies don’t even need any compression and unless the compression is really high, copies look just as good as originals. Both Fab and Shrink let you adjust the properties and decide where you want the temp files to go. They CANNOT be the same folder. I like to create my own folders and put shortcuts on the desktop to make deletions easier. Just keep track of these locations and delete files when burning is complete. DVD’s are supposed to be good indefinitely if handled properly and kept away from extreme heat and cold. Saving movies to the hard drive at over 4 GB each will fill it up in a hurry. Besides, hard drives are no more reliable than DVD’s for storage. Also, movies on the hard drive have to be opened and watched one “chunk” at a time. You can’t watch it seamlessly like you can on DVD.