Need to copy a game CD with a corrupted file being replaced

Hello everyone,

I have a Sony laptop with Windows XP and Sony CD-writer. (I am not sure of the exact type of drive).

I have a FS2002 simulator standard edition. The game consists of 3 CDs.

Well, I have problems installing it using SONY laptops since they only seem to have a problem with a file called SOUND.CAB on CD #1 saying it is corrupted. (some cyclic redundancy data error).

Since the CD has a few copyright files, I used CloneCD to get a copy of the original disc onto an Imation CD-RW disc.

I also got a new SOUND.CAB file from a friend.

The copy I made using CloneCD has made all files as ReadOnly. I am not able to delete the SOUND.CAB file from CD-RW.

Does anyone know of any solution to this? Please let me know if I need a new CD copying software to get this job done.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Hi there ds29_2000,

Welcome to CD Freaks!

About your problem. If you would erase the whole CDRW everything should be gone. If you only want to delete SOUND.CAB from your compilation you can try to use the option continue multisession in Nero and delete that file and then close the session. This will not work if you already closed the disc.

Hello Wookie,

As I said earlier the CD has some copyright files. I am not able to copy it using Nero 6 the demo version. The reason could be that I am not able to figure out how to do that :slight_smile:

Just to make sure, can you confirm that it is possible that using Nero one can duplicate CDs having copyright files ?


You could use CloneCD to copy a protected CD.

Hey Wookie,

Maybe I just confused you in my previous postings.

Well, I did start with CloneCD to duplicate the copyrighted FS2002 game, but the problem is I had the corrupted SOUND.CAB file as READONLY and could not delete it.

You then suggested me to erase the CDRW and use Nero 6. I did use Nero 6, but could not duplicate the CD.

Please help me as to how I should proceed. Probably I am too much of a newbie and may need a bit detailed instructions :slight_smile:

Sorry for the earlier confusion.


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Why don’t you make a copy of the CD from your friend?