Need to convert WMV to playable DVD format



I’ve spent two hours trying to find something to convert a WMV for my kid’s school project. I have to produce a simple DVD that can be played in any DVD player.

I use ImgBurn, DVDShrink, DVD Fab every day, but I’ve never bothered converting native computer video formats to anything I can put on a DVD.

I’ve found lots of “freeware” that leaves water marks. I’ve found lots of commercial software. I’ve found crap that installs spyware, adware, and malware.

I just need something to convert this one freaking WMV file into something I can burn a working DVD with. It’s late, I’m tired as hell, and I don’t have much time left.

Can someone help me out? I need free, fast, and easy.


Try AVStoDVD. Don’t know for sure that it can handle WMV input, but I believe it can. No watermarks, no spyware or anything else.
Free to use.

A second choice would be DVDFlick:
Also free.


I installed and used DVD Flick. Did the job just fine. Thanks a lot!!!


[QUOTE=Kerry56;2606123]Try AVStoDVD. Don’t know for sure that it can handle WMV input, but I believe it can. [/QUOTE]
@ Kerry56,
I tested this and AVStoDVD was able to convert .WMV to DVD Folders & files.

What I would like to know is there a way to use either the HCEnc GUI or use my own HC.ini file ? Or am I stuck with the settings AVStoDVD thinks are best. I did try the Edit & Advanced but the settings there are very limited.


Sure, you can use HCenc GUI if you like. You just have to learn Avisynth scripts, and/or DGIndex for mpeg files.

You might want to look at AvsP, which is a text editor for Avisynth. And there is a newer program, AvsPMod as well.


Forgot to mention this cholla. HCenc will only work with the video. If you use it outside one of the programs like AVStoDVD or DVD Rebuilder, you’ll need to demux and convert audio separately (if it is necessary to convert the audio).


Thanks Kerry but so far I haven’t learned Avisynth scripts . Maybe eventually .
In DVDRebuilder I just changed the rebuilder.ini file to point to HC.ini file so it uses the one I created. Usually it uses those settings. Ocassionally it ignors the *Progressive but I think thats when something is just not possible .
I have done a little demux & remux but I try to avoid it.
For AVStoDVD I usually use the HCEnc VBR 2 Pass for video & QuEnc for audio. I usually am just converting a .flv so the default settings are good enough.
With a .wmv file like in this topic it could be considerably better quality to start with so I might want non default settings for a conversion to DVD.
I’m sure you know this but a .wmv is a container & can have various video & audio codecs used to create it . So quality can vary a lot.
I missed getting a TV series show I usually record the other day so I copied off the internet. I then converted the .flv to a .mkv . The quality was very good . One of my TV’s will play directly from an external hard drive & I have found .mkv produces the best picture. I used mediAvatar HD Video Converter .


You guys have no idea how lucky you are to understand this stuff the way you do. I feel like a monkey in a room full of rocket scientists.


I´ve also just tried out both: [B]DVDFlick[/B] handled an .avi without a hiccup, whereas [B]AVStoDVD[/B] complained about some parameter and wouldn´t go any further!



I very much prefer AVStoDVD, but I’ve used it for a long time now and understand its settings well. You will occasionally find a problem child video that won’t work in a particular conversion program, which is why it is always good to have other choices.

Don’t happen to remember what your error message was, do you Dean?

Did you check to see which encoder was being used? AVStoDVD has two, Quenc and HCenc. I always switch to HC 2 pass whenever AVStoDVD decides to use Quenc.

You might also go into Preferences and change the Avisynth setting from A2DSource to DirectShowSource (for this one video) and see if that helps fix the error. Or you can install ffdshow, which AVStoDVD can make use of. I have ffdshow installed for BD Rebuilder, so it was already in my system.


I´ll try it again when my brain is finished with REM phases and that thing which interrupts our leisure time…
Thanks for the hints in advance sir… :slight_smile: