Need to Compress MP4 files as much as possible



I have some large audio recordings (as big as 124mb), that are mostly audio, but there is some title stuff that appears and stays on the screen. This 124mb file is MP4 and is 1 1/2 hr. I get a bunch of these, and I would like some sort of batch convert. I just tried Handbrake using H264, and it did compress it a little bit, but I only went from 124mb to 120mb. These files only need to be good enough quality to be able to replay in case we need details from the recordings in the future. They have to be easy for anybody in our organization to replay on most pc’s, laptops, etc…


You’ll need to look at the audio part of the MP4 file and figure out the lowest quality bitrate, that works for you, and if mono can be used instead of stereo.


Hey Drage. Thanks… How do I look at the audio part.


On the Audio tab in Handbrake! :smiley:

Using an AAC Codec you can go as low as 64 kbps with Stereo or 32 kbps with Mono, but the question is what is acceptable to your ears.


Went from 128kb Dolby to 64kb stereo. Went from 124mb to 54mb. Mucho better…


Sounds good! :slight_smile: (pun intended)


Looks like Drage’s solution worked for you .

If you want to try something else sometime .

You could use ffmpeg strait from a command window.

I use these builds:

If you want a GUI this one works OK: