Need to change combo driver reported ID string




I need to reflash the firmware on a IHAP322 so that it reports itself as an LH-20A1P. I’ve tried dumping the firmware using the flash dump utility and then opening the resultant bin file using omnipatcher, however omnipatcher doesn’t recognise the flash file format.I looked inside the bin file to see if I could manually change it using for instance a hex editor, but with out success. I’ve also looked around this site to see if there is an alternative way of doing this, without success. If anyone can help or offer suggestions I’m all ears.

Thank you

Jeremy aka Bullfrog


Why would you want to rename a firmware made for the 22x drive for a 20x drive? So you can use the 20A1P firmware? And if you try to flash the 20A1P firmware, you’ll likely kill the iHAP322, which is 5 generations NEWER than the 20A1P. There are no tools on this site that will allow what you want to do. Omnipatcher only supports up to 16x drives.


I’m interested to know why also. Perhaps some software that is looking for the LH-20A1P? :confused:


Don’t do it!


[QUOTE=C0deKing;2519415]I’m interested to know why also. Perhaps some software that is looking for the LH-20A1P? :confused:[/QUOTE]

You are quite correct. It’s a windows based CCTV recorder,came as a complete unit, the recorder software only detects that there is a useable writer in the machine if the writer model is one of six possible versions. The LH-20A1P being one of them. Recently had to replace a faulty LH-20A1P drive ,so I chose the IHAP one, windows recognises it, but the CCTV recording software doesn’t, because there is no drive in the machine matching one of those six product ID’s it doesn’t detect a writer present.
So my requirement is to get a IHAP drive to report itself as a LH-20A1P (Product ID string) when the ID query command is used. I’m not trying to program a IHAP drive with LH-20A1P firmware.

I haven’t listed the recognisable product ID’s - if needed I’ll go and look them up. None of them are currently available.

I hope that explains the problem/requirement.




Have you searched the recording software’s EXE file for LH-20A1P and changed that to match your current drive’s ID?


Unfortunately the CCTV software is in excess of 1GB, by the time you include the DLL’s etc, I’m not supposed to be able to get at the underlying windows environment, as the whole unit is sold as a factory built unit.(Intellex)

I’d be reluctant to try and bodge/hack the server software in case it causes the unit to stop recording 16 camera’s worth of footage to the internal hard disks.

I can put a maintenance call in, but unfortunately they would swap the whole server, I would receive someone else’s server.

Unfortuantely they won’t just change the combo drive. I won’t get back our original server and the one I receive may come from a site which was in a poor environment or has not been quite so well cared for.

Hence the preference to replace the drive with one that it already recognises.

The omnipatcher claimed to be able to change the ID, however as already stated by someone else it only supports drives several years old which were 16speed or less.

If it’s not possible to change the ID reported by a currently available drive, then I shall have to attempt something else.

I suspect ADT will charge me an arm and a leg for a replacement drive with the correct ID in it as a once off purchase , going off their other prices for parts.

Thanks for getting back to me.

Jeremy aka Bullfrog(2)


There are “clone drives” that you can try to get a hold of, then crossflash it to a 20A1P in order for the CCTV software to see it. However, this generation of drives aren’t built anymore, so any drives out there will likely be used.


Jeremy, thanks for your clear explanation of your situation. I can create a firmware for you that allows the 322 to report this ID. However, it depends on how they detect the drive as to whether or not it will work.

Give me some time to create the firmware. I’ll PM you a link when it’s ready.


Though I don’t usually like to link e b a y listings, but here is a brand new 20A1P, just different packaging. You can crossflash a “DH” to “LH”.


Jeremy, do you still need this firmware? I can do it for you today, if you still want it.