Need to change bios

I have just recently put a 250gig ide seagate harddrive in, and am trying to use it as a slave. the bios does not recognise the drive. it has been formatted. the computer is as old as me. i am running xp but it is a pentium 3. 256 RAM 488. laugh away. any help would be appreciated as i am totally new to this stuff.

if you can load your os(xp) check in the admin tools,comp management & see if its there just not compatable with the new os.right click on the new hdd & format the drive.
I’ve had them not show up till l i did this. good luck! :iagree:

Assuming your motherboard has a BIOS available to fix the drive-size issue, you need to get that along with the board’s BIOS flashing utility and put them on a floppy. There should be a set of instructions with the flashing utility.

If the board has no available BIOS to fix this, you need to install a PCI controller card that supports large drives. That would likely also speed up your old system a tad.