Need to buy standalone pair of PC speakers

I need to buy something terribly simple but for some reason I’ve been unable to do so after some local shopping (wrong places or simply wrong shop employees, who knows).

I need a pair of stereo-capable standalone (read, no subwoofers or whatnot) PC speakers with a bare minimum decent sound output which I can place wherever in the room I need to place them, with my own custom cables (RCA or similar).

I’ve been using a couple of old speakers for years which fulfill this part just fine, except that after recurrent cleaning accidents they now need to be replaced.

Any ideas of where I can order this online ? My budget is up to, say 30€ / £25 / US$50 maximum.

Thank you!

Wal Mart-believe it or not.
I recently refurbished an old Dell PC for my sis for Christmas and needed a pair of small PC desktop speakers. I bought a pair of Altec Lansings for $15. They’re not the most powerful, but they do the job.
At Wal Mart,. they have everything from bare-bones to fancy (with or without subs) & everything in between. You’d be amazed at the choices.

well here are two suggestions:
Cyber Acoustics CA-2992 36 Watts
Logitech X-140 5 watts

Those cyber acoustics are cheapest at
Link 44 bucks, free shipping.

I guess I should have been more specific about one vital aspect:

It’s not just the distance from the speakers to the PC that counts, but also the distance between one speaker to the other.

That’s the catch and why I’ve been having trouble finding what I need, because most PC speaker systems nowadays seem to come with fixed cables at some point which you can’t just plug in and out. You’re either stuck in the speaker-PC cabling, or the speaker-speaker cabling - and I need BOTH to be freely unpluggable.

No WalMart around as I live in Europe (we have FNAC, but they don’t have the stuff), but I’d gladly order from anywhere online if I have to.

You should be able to use extension cables, especially since it’s only a stereo pair. Most PC speakers use standardized connections like Cinch or mini-jack.

Since you said you were giong to use custom cables I thought you would know how to cut and add more wire with a soldering iron.

Why not just cut the cable and put RCA jacks on each and use a speaker cable to go in between using your desired length?