Need to buy some good CDRs online

Ok I’ve just had the first CD-R failures … crap SONY Supramas ones or whatever… they even feel crappy in my hands, not sturdy or durable at all.

I want to buy some good quality blank CD-Rs, like a 100 or 100+ pack or something like that.

The catch is:
I need to be able to get them online and the online store must take paypal.

Anybody have some good recommendations for me?


You need to buy from an online store in which country(-ies)?

I’m guessing USA?

for the UK (TY)


not sure if Rima takes paypal, you could try and see

He must be American, as most Americans assume everyone else on earth also lives there.

I kid, don’t get huffed about it :stuck_out_tongue: is good I hear

If you’re in the UK - I think is located there and are also good

You should look for Taiyo Yuden ceramic coat or Taiyo Yuden inkjet printable. They are sturdy and burn with good quality. - I have no idea what you’d get if you typed in, hopefully not some porno site :bigsmile: does take paypal I have used it many times :wink:

I backup these recommendations wholeheartedly. :iagree:

Thanks so much guys!

Yes I am in the USA, btw.