Need To Buy a New DVD Player

My old one crapped out a couple of nights ago, so since I do have a Mitsubishi 62" DLP with a HDMI feed… I guess it makes sense to get one of the Up-Convert players. I’m thinking of the Sony DVP-NS75H which BB has, and Amazon’s reviews are all close to 5 stars. Are there any others in the $100-$135 range that are worth a look?

You should be able to find some good information and reviews at But, you will have to spend some time searching, as there is a whole lot of data and comments there. It is a very good site for anything audio/video. Just remember that for the most part these are just peoples opinions, and you know what they say about opinions!

I would personally spend the extra money and buy an Oppo myself. What res does your TV support up to? The oppo players range from $150-$230 but keep in mind that they can compete with $400-$500 Denon and Marantz players.

I honestly fail to see why you would be a DVD for 400-500 when you can have computer do it much better, oh well… I’d have a look at the DV-490 DVD-player from Pioneer.,,2076_310069633_301660907,00.html
Otherwise I agree with Jesterrace, Oppo’s are good although I find it kinda hard to justify wastin’ 200+ bucks on a DVD-player.

Actually, I discovered you can buy the Sony DVP-NS75H factory refurbished with a warranty for less than sixty bucks at eCost. Even with the shipping its under seventy bucks. Just have to think if I want to get one of their HDMI cables with it or just use component… though I think to upconvert you need to use HDMI. My Mitsubishi is capable of 1080i and/or 780p resolution.

Basically I’m cheap :slight_smile: so all the extra bells and whistles of the Oppo, Pioneer, and other brands are probably not needed. Plus if Amazon reviews mean anything, the Pioneer was not well-received.

If your TV is new enough, the TV should up-convert pretty good. If so, you probably don’t need to convert in the DVD player at all.

I read very good reviews about OPPO but unfortunately they are not widely sold in stores. Pricegrabber and Froogle only show a few online stores. The new DV-981HD is out of stock at oppo website and amazon since last week.

My Mitsubishi WD-62725 DLP was bought in November of 2004, and its HD picture via cable or Satellite is stunning or so say many of my friends. The concept of Up-Conversion is to digitally feed the best possible source signal into the set to take advantage of the 780p or 1080i resolution. Now of course… its digitally synthesized… but most people who have upconverts feel the picture quality is improved on regular DVDs. And the last thing I want to do right now is build a PC to sit under the TV to improve the signal. Actually, I don’t know how a PC could compete with a $53 Sony DVD player.