Need to buy a new dvd burner

I need to buy a new burner, because I’m tired of my NEC 2500@2510. This drive is an awful reader, because sometimes it cannot read the discs it burns.
Recently, it’s starting to refuse to write dvd’s.
I’m after is a good dvd burner, with sata connection and it has to be a good reader.
What would you advise? Pioneer 212, Nec 7170 or other?

SATA on optical drives can be a real nightmare. You should make sure your MB has a chipset that can support the drive you want. I would avoid the NEC as all their drives past the 35XX series can produce nasty PIF spikes. I would probably choose the 212 if you really have to get SATA.

For IDE go with the Pio 111 or the new 112.

I have a Asus P5B-Deluxe that has only one ide channel and 8 sata connections.
That’s why I was thinking about getting a sata drive.
How about the LiteON drives?

You could also use an SATA>IDE converter if you really want an ATAPI burner.

you can also buy an ide controller card that will provide you that extra ide channel… just make sure it works with optical drives before you buy

But why should I buy a sata>ide converter or even an ide controller card?
I have a ide channel where I connect only my actual burner but I would like to move on to sata.

From it’s review here the Samsung SH183A looks to be a possible one for you. Have a read here

I have a Samsung 183L SATA that has LightScribe and works great with 865 board but i know nothing about your board.

I ordered it in hopes that it would work and it did. You might have to find a shop near you that has SATA drives and ask them about returns if it doesn’t work.