Need to buy a burner able to copy sadedisc 3.x (teleatlas nav cd)

Hallo everybody… is my first post here, great forum!

I need to copy a cd of teleatlas navigation that result with protection safedisc 3.x as it says: Copy-Protection: TA_P_2004_2005_310 v1

i tried to copy with clonecd and alcohol 120 (profile safedisc 2/3) but with no results. I tried with two burners: LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-1633S , LITE-ON LTR 40125S and also yesterday with a lite-on SOHC-5235K that someone told me is a 3 sheep burner, but nothing… my car navigation system dosnt reconize the cd.

I know the nav can read copied cd because i have one that is working (italy 2004-2005)

So… my question is… which burner can copy a disc with safedisc 3.x protection? someone told me good thing about lg gsa 4163B, is it a 3 sheep burner? can you suggest me something better that can copy teleatlas nav cd?

many thanx for your help


thanks everybody for your welcome and for your answers.

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