Need to burn multiple cds at one time

hi, this is my first time on this forum. i have a sony vaio laptop that i need to use to burn multiple cds with the help of usb cd drives. is there software for this job? can i partition my hd and load a cd burner in multiple partitions? if so, how would i do this? money is a big problem or should i say the lack of money. can anyone help? i’m using express burn disc burning software plus. the usb cd drives i’ll still have to buy.

Two ways I’m aware of are Nero (can burn to multiple drives) or run multiple instances of ImgBurn.

if i run multiple instances of imgburn do i load each one in a seperate partition on the hd? i was told i would have to load a os in each partition in order to load a program in the partition. is this true? also will the usb drives need to be all the same?
thank for your help

I believe you can just open as many as you want. Of course you’ll have to assign each instance to its own burner. I just tried opening about 10 of them.

thanks olyteddy
i’ve set up five instances of imgburn and ordered some cd drives. i’ll let you know when i get them and try them out.
thanks again