Need to burn MP3s as original audio CD




I have an alpine CD receiver CDM-7861R in my car. It only plays original audio CDs.

I need to know if there is any way possible to burn high quality MP3 songs as an original recorded audio CD, not just a regular audio CD which is easy to make.

I tried EAC, drag n drop, nero express and widnows mediaplayer, but it shows an error in the player. I am using a toshiba DVD-CDR/RW combo drive in my Toshiba A10 laptop.

thanks in advance


don’t know if this would help, my only idea is try feurio…


There is no way to do anything like “bitsetting” a CD-R to CD-ROM.

Some car players will accept one or two types of CD-R media, but this is the type of player which is most often incompatible with most, or ANY CD-R media.

Princo CD-R media was once the king in acceptabilty in fussy players, but not sure if you can still get it.


What disc are you using? If you are trying on CD-RW, there is a good chance that the player will not recognize it. Do try CD-R if you haven’t so far.


Everyone has already given you the answers to this.

Just to add my $0.02 of experience, I went through trial and error with various spindles of CD-R stock I had on hand until I found a batch that worked in my brother’s car CD Player.

They were cheap generic discs. I gave him the spindle.

Most of the time a burn from that batch plays fine in his car.

Occaisionally, a disc will play but the songs will play out of order.