Need to burn Audiobook to MP3 and join

I have a 13 CD audiobook (which I own) that I would like to convert to MP3’s and then join so I have one long MP3 and not 1000+ mini tracks.

I realize that there are many programs that can convert CDA to MP3 but what I want to do is convert it buy joining each track on a CD and then to take the 13 converted tracks and join into one MP3. I then copy to a SD card and listen to it on my Garmin Nuvi.

I was hoping to use one program for all instead of what I am doing now which is using Cdex (by using extract a section to disk and selecting all) and then using a dat file to join the files.

Does anyone know of a program that can accomplish this?

I think you should just rip them to MP3 as single tracks…and make sure they are numbered so that they´ll play consecutively…just the same as you would do with a music album.

That way each time you stop the player, you will be able to find the right place to continue from…unless you are planning to listen to 13 x 60 minutes of audio without a break :doh:

The Nuvi has bookmarking feature. I have 13 hours of audiobook with a track every three minutes. Would you really want to handle that many files???

Virtually any wave editing tool will join the ripped wave files into one for you. If you have Nero, then you also have the wave editor that comes with Nero.

Audacity is a good free piece of software - you will need to install the LAME encoder to allow MP3 usage, but it will do both of the tasks you want.