Need to burn at 1x using my 106D

A strange question I know but…

I need to burn at 1x but the lowest I can burn is at 2.4x … I have try’d different apps (Nero/Alcho) and they all give me the lowest speed settings of 2.4 ?

Also I have try’d different media from TDK/SONY etc and I still get the same results…

HELP im going crazy :a

I need to burn at 1x


em… because I want to…

First it was because you ‘need’ to now its because you ‘want’ to so what is it?
taking such a cocky approach isnt a very good way to get help, is it because you are burning PS2 backups and want to burn at low speeds?, is it because you think you will get better quality burns at a lower speed? is it because you are using 1x media? people dont want to have to sit and explain every eventuality out to somebody who doesnt give enough details.

He wants 1x as he wants to burn a image he has downloaded of 1 of many new dvd games with new protection, so he will use clone cd (profile dvd speed 1x), and he will check “hide cdr media” from the clone cd tray.

thanks for the lesson humeboy, some people eh tut tut :slight_smile: