Need to burn a DVD.. Please help!


I need to burn a movie made for me by my wedding videographer.

The movie is 2.5 hours long and as such, I have Verbatim DL DVD+R DVDs to burn onto.

Can someone please guide what software I can download to rip the movie from the original DVD and then burn onto the blank DVDs.

FYI - I am using my laptop with a Mashita DVD-RAM drive. I have been advised to use Nero?

Please consider me novice and guide me through asap.

Many Thanks!

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If it hasn’t been copyright protected by the videographer, you should just be able to do a disc-to-disc copy in Nero. :slight_smile:

If you are going from one dual layer disk to another, I’d use DVDDecrypter to rip the original to the hard drive, and I’d use it in ISO Read Mode. This will give you an ISO file and a very small mds file. Load the mds file into ImgBurn (a free burning program) and burn to the dual layer disk. This process will keep the layer break positioned properly.

DVDDecrypter can be found here under the dvd ripping tab:
ImgBurn is here:

I always use ImgBurn for dual layer burns these days. I trust it a lot more than Nero for this type of burning.

Although you have DL blanks, the material will fit on single layer as well.
Check out Ashampoo’s Burning Studio 7. Works with virtually every drive and media. The download is FREE and the test drive of the full product lasts for up to 40 days before buying.
I will never again recommend NERO or Roxio products generally. Ashampoo and others have equally good, if not better, products for a lot less money and/or free :slight_smile: .

Thanks guys. That has definetely helped.

Can I just check - you say I don’t need the DL (8.5gb) disks? I figured that since the movie is 2.5 hours long and standard DVDs (4.7gb) state to be 120mins how that would work?


Depends on how big the original file is.
4.36gb or under will fit on a single layer. Anything bigger will need a DL disk.

I am trying to rip using the DVDDecoder software as recommended. The rip is getting to 50% (i.e. 3,699,536 - the amount of a ‘sector’) but then not goping any further.

Any reason why this would be?

Reasons could be that the DVD is copyright protected or it is damaged, scratched, or possibly even poorly authored.

BTW, you mean you are using DVDDecrypter, right?..not DVDDecoder…

LOL - I do indeed mean DVD Decrytor! Ok, well I guess it’s back to the drawing board. Will have to ask the creator of this troublesome DVD how to rectify this.

It would seem it is ripping one layer, but not the 2nd. Could that be down to my DVD drive I wonder?


A basic question does the wedding DVD play fine? If so I would simply copy to a DVD in my DVD Recorder.

I doubt that it’s your DVD drive giving you the problems. DVDDecrypter has a log, can you copy and paste it?

BTW CRomeo…Using a DVD Recorder is presuming that imisheikh has a DVDRecorder… that can play ‘and’ record…lol

imisheikn may know someone with a DVD Recorder and if the wedding DVD plays on a DVD player it could be an EZ solution.

It sounds like the best and easiest option ! Ask your wedding videographer for another copy and save your self a lot of time and hard work.

AS [B]MBK[/B] already said the Reasons could be that the DVD is copyright protected. If it is it can still be copied but it’s not worth the few hours of work to do it when you can get another copy from the videographer. :slight_smile:

You don’t normally go through half a dvd before you hit copy protection. It sounds to me like a poorly authored or badly burned dual layer dvd. Does it play correctly through this section that is causing Decrypter to fail?

As MBK pointed out, the log file from Decrypter might show what is going on.