Need to burn a 2.7GB file to disk

I have a 2.7 GB file that I want to burn to disk and have it bootable. What is the tool I should use to burn it, and will that tool compress it enough to fit onto a 700MB CD, like maybe make it into a zip file or something

Imgburn can create a bootable disc although you would need to look at the tutorial on imgburns site in, never made a disc that’s bootable before, as for compressing a 2.7GB file down to 700MB I don’t think you can, why not just burn to a dvd instead.

Is it possible to burn software data to a DVD? If imgburn can make a bootable CD can it also make a bootable DVD

I am pretty sure it can, you really will need to check the guides on imgburns site though.

It’s possible.


okay Ill go check it out


One more thing, how do you make a non bootable disk into a bootable one. I want to burn some setup files onto a disk, and then have it so that when the disk is inserted into a computer, the programs start auto installing one by one.