Need to burn 400mb file over several disks in CD format. Help?

Hi everybody, great forum tons of info.

I have three files of about 400 mb each, they are books on audio. I’m looking for a program that will burn CDs from them in the regular CD format that you can listen to in the car on the road.

They are each 6 to 7 hours long and should fit on 5 to 6 CDs. Anyone know of a program that will do this? I have Sonic, roxio easy Cd creator, and Ghost. they look to be useless for what I want.

Thanks in advance

Just tried Nero, it won’t do it either.

“I have three files of about 400 mb each, they are books on audio

Not sure what you mean. Are these .WAV files? :confused:

Yeah, they need to be converted to .wav and burnt to cd to play in car, if they not already. And if they are already .wav , then roxio or nero either one will do the trick.

converting isnt a must most burning programs can do that automatically , anyway since its 3 400mb and each is 6-7 hours and probably in a compressed format 1 file is unlikely to fit 1 audio cd so youll need to use a sound editing program and split it , anyway ghost doesnt count its not for burning

No they are mp3 files, each one is a seperate audio book and is about 400mb each.
Nero will not show the whole file so I cannot split it up properly, but I just found AUDACITY Here>> it will let you load up the entire file and then cut it up as you see fit at different time intervals, then export each smaller one as mp3. Its kind of slow loading and then exporting and I have 1gig mem but it’s working. Woohooo!

This Audacity is free by the way and lets you do all kinds of stuff to sound files like change pitch and tempo etc. I’m having fun now.

when saving use wav 16bit 44khz stereo and not mp3 , it will take much less time

Hey thanks, I always though wav files were much larger than most others. Great tip.

Phil, what about quality issues with wav versus mp3? This time I’m only burning audio books but what about music?

they are

wav is a lossless non-compressed format unlike mp3 and in general much better in quality but of course thats also depended on the source a compressed lossy format such as mp3 converted to wav will not be in better quality, wav files are same quality as cd audio when ripped from an original audio cd or backup of one and some rippers are more accurate then others eac is best,also there are compressed lossless formats like flac/tta/shn that compress wav’s with no data loss of course still file size will be larger then mp3