Need to backup mp3s to DVD in alphabetical order




I have a task which I am sure is elementary to many of you out there. I have been using Nero for many years and it could solve all my burning needs so far. But now, I want to do something I’ve never needed to do before…i.e. backup my entire mp3 collection (scattered over 3 HDD) onto DVDs. I don’t keep all my mp3s on the same HDD in case something happens to one HDD, I won’t lose all my mp3s.

Since I am going to do a backup of my mp3s, I thought I might as well organize them in alphabetical order. Otherwise, it will be madness to look for a certain song among 30GB worth of randomly arranged mp3s. Is there a burning software that allows you to add tons of files, sort them in alphabetical order, and then automatically divide them into several DVDs? It would be best if the software can also allow you to sort folders along with files, but I guess this can be optional.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks


After you alphabetize the miles, you must number them sequentially. Remember that mp3i must be a three digit number. 001,002,003 etc. WAV files are a two digit number. 01,02,03 etc.