Need Tips



Hello, I burned some video backups Xvid Format onto a DVD-9 DL before I reinstalled.

Here is the strange part:
The videos playback just fine -This would be great except I recently purchased the full version of ConvertXDVD, so I can watch the on an
external DVD device.

Everytime I try to copy the videos off the DVD-9 DL back to the hard
drive for a temporary conversion directory that ConvertXDVD will use.

I get this “Cyclic Redundancy Error (8)”

Previous Burns
JLMS XJ-HD1633S w/ DVD-9 CopyToDVD Speed “Auto”
Verbatim DVD+9 DL 8.5GB Up To 8x
Codeguys JLMS DSE1 XJ-HD1633S 16x16x10x - After reinstall 2 days ago
DVD-9 Burn was 7 days ago

Is their anyway to get my movies back on the hard drive so I can convert them to DVD? Any special tools that fix this repeating error

One last thing *Each time I try to copy another file off the DVD-9 it produces a new error to a brand new file, which the last copy try was able to do.

Its almost like the more I use the DVD the more stuff gets corrupted. I have never had this problem before up until now.

:confused: :frowning:

Also how do I avoid this error for future burns?

Any help is appreciated



Sounds like the data on the DL disc is corrupt. You can try using ISObuster to get the data off.