Need the55g of unallocated space

HI, i cloned my 40 g. hd, dr. to a 100,g hd dr. the soft ware i used won’t let me free up all the space.i have 55g of unallocated there a way to do this so i can use it as one 100 g. dr, or some free soft ware that i could use . Any info would be a big helpTHANKS.x bill anoob.

To extend the existing partition to cover the whole drive you’ll need to get your hands on some disk partitioning software, such as Partition Magic. If you want a free solution then use Google to search for freeware disk partitioning tools.


And be careful, as it’s quite easy to wreck the drive and have to start all over again.



Think the gremlins are out to get me :slight_smile:

You don’t mention what operating system you use. If Vista, can change partitons from the Admin Tools, if XP, you can create a new partiton using the unallocated space, it will look like another hard drive to windows.

This tool will let you resize the partition from your hard drive:

This tool requires that you burn the iso image to a CD and then boot from that CD to change/resize your partitions.