Need the drivers for Lite-on HES112

Have an OEM drive and no drivers.

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You likely do not need drivers; the operating system automatically installs them. Is there a reason you believe you need drivers? Maybe you need software to use the drive instead?

This is new system. Mother board is a Gigabyte SATA board. Trying to install Windows 7 from a flash drive. After loading system files and clicking on Install it asks for the drivers of the CD/DVD drive. I removed the CD/DVD drive and it still wants the driver. Lite-on does not show this drive on their website.

Incomplete image of the Win 7 operating system on the flash drive?

You won’t find drivers for optical drives as a separate download. You may have to do a repair installation.

Source for official Win 7 ISO files:
You’ll need your own key to authenticate of course.

This is a bit mistaken, it doesn’t want the driver for the DRIVE itself, its probably on a SATA controller that needs drivers.

Try going into BIOS and set your SATA config for IDE or NATIVE or something similar, if its an Intel chipset board (socket 1155 , etc) set it to AHCI .

If they have already installed Win 7 while in IDE mode, changing from IDE to AHCI can bork the install. I believe you need to do a registry edit if you are doing this. Guide for this:

Make certain you are running in IDE or legacy mode of some sort in the bios before doing any of this. If you are already in AHCI none of that applies.

Motherboard chipset drivers are available from Gigabyte or from the chipset maker. They should contain the drivers for the SATA controllers.

Thanks for your inputs. It was the flash drive that caused the problem.
The disk that came with the mother board did not help.