Need that one and only program

…which could:

Load DVD files (Katalogas = directory in english)

Be able to customize chapters. Add, remove, set to a specific frame in a middle of a film.

Be able to change default menu:

I tried doing something with DvdReMake, but then i found out, it can not edit menus like i want. (I want to be able to add/remove buttons/pages, set custom background picture, set custom thumbnail pictures of buttons, link buttons with custom chapters i created)

The other tool, SONY DVD Architect showed me false total file size(like 3 other tools): (the real is 2.9GB, it shows 5.4GB so it wont let me burn DVD)

The DVD in those screen shots was made by a DVD player/recorder from a VHS player.

I am a simple user who want a simple tool to edit chapters and menu without getting into low level things (like demux, PGC, VMG - whatever that means)

I hope someone out there knows the answer to my problem.

Thank you

You are listing too many options, but check DVDLab Pro.
Free try.
You should be able to do all what you want there except removing frames, that is editting not authoring.
For that you can check this:

aleluja ; You might give DVDStyler a try.It’s freeware .Get the Guide & Manual .pdf too.These help quite a bit.I think it will do what you want .

[QUOTE=CDuncle;2030789]You are listing too many options, but check DVDLab Pro.
Free try.
You should be able to do all what you want there except removing frames, that is editting not authoring.
For that you can check this:[/QUOTE]

No, i don’t want to remove frames. I will explain.
What i did like in DvdReMake is that i could split scenes into 2 and set the program to the scenes i want (as description says, program is a mark to which pointer jumps when i press ‘next’ on dvd player). It also gave me a choice to skip the scene, which is nice and does not require cutting the actual media out.

Thank you for your suggestion ,and thank you cholla, i will try those tools in a period of several days. I will probably reply if i succeed or fail with it.

aleluja;DVDStyler won’t do the split scenes;There are quite a few commands you can assign buttons.Even a custom area .I haven’t use it enough to know if it will give you the “skip a scene”.I haven’t used this feature but it does have some option for making your remote control do some functions .I think these are set in the button & when you use that button the remote options are in that title.
It’s an interesting program.Like many programs sometimes it doesn’t do everything .Sometimes you have to use a couple to get everything.

To go next is just jumping to next chapter. ReMake did that for you by splitting the cells.
DVDLab will author DVD with chapter points, and you can make custom menus to go to each chapter, like commercial DVD.
To skip scene gets little more complicated. You can do it as multi angle DVD or with Button over video feature, which at certain time will prompt to press OK to skip certain part, this all can be done in DVDLab.
You could have done that with ReMake using cell commands and registry value for different play back function, only menu buttons will have to be made outside of program.

Hi again,
well i tried DVDLAb, everything seems fine except few problems i encountered.

This is menu1


problem is:

when i press 1st button, it jumps to beginning(chapter1) of movie1 [This is OK]
when i press 2nd button, it jumps to chapter 2 of movie1 [This is OK]
when i press 3rd button, it jumps somewhere between chp2 and chp3 [This is NOT OK] it should jump to chapter3 of movie1
when i press 4th button, it again jumps somewhere between chp2 and chp3(exactly same spot) [This is NOT OK] it should jump to chapter4 of movie1
every other button leads to the same point, between chapter2 and chapter3
when i press any button in manu3 it does nothing but goes back to menu1

all buttons in menu1 are linked to chapters of movie1
first 6 buttons of menu2 are linked to movie1 and other 3 buttons to movie2
first 6 buttons of menu3 are linked to movie2 and other 3 buttons to movie3
none of buttons linked to movie2 or movie3 work, they all lead to menu1

Yes, i have assigned all the links to each button, so just you know that i didn’t miss this step.

Help would be really good. Thank you.

aleluja;I don’t have DVDLAb so maybe CDuncle can help you with that.
The DVDStyler manual I posted above has quite a bit about setting the buttons in it.You might have a look to see if this might help you.They could be simular .

From what I see you have 14 chapters plus Start(does not have green indicator) which is first chapter in connection dialogue box.
Did you connect each button right way?
You can click on each green diamond to see where your chapter point is.
If you can post picture of connection window, so I can see your connections, it may be easier.


There are 3x9=27 buttons overall which should point to different chapters.

I also made 4 arrow shaped buttons to navigate between menu windows.
1 arrow down in menu1 which leads to menu2

1 arrow up in menu2 which leads to menu1
1 arrow down in menu2 which leads to menu3

1 arrow un in menu3 which leads to menu2

So there are a total of 31 buttons in 3 menu pages.

I used “Insert Chapter Still Image” for making buttons with thumbnails showing the first frame of chapter.
I created first 6 buttons and linked to chapters. Then created other 21 and assigned chapters.

Tomorrow i will also try DVDStyler.

I do not see much wrong in your connection window.
You can click open menu and there is a magnifying glass in upper tool bar to enlarge it. Do that and see your connection assignment, if it correspond to what you did.
You should see it in red text under each button.
I use this software for about five years, but never came to this problem

Sorry, I forgot that you have to click on the button in enlarged menu to see connection assignment.

hmm, red text under each button corresponds to link i have set.

Can this all be because:

Firstly, i used DvdReMake. I loaded dvd files and it showed me 18 titles (PGC or what ever it was called) where actually should be 8 titles, because when i was recording the DVD with dvd recorder from VHS, i stopped and resumed recording for 8 times.
Recorder saved movie in 3 .vob files.
I deleted those extra titles (from 9 to 18), split scenes and assigned programs and then exported whole DVD to local HDD.

I was using this exported/modified DVD in DVDLAb.

As it is now 22:43 here, i will try using the original DVD tomorrow, maybe the problem will disappear. I will let you know tomorrow.

Did lab complained about your video during import, beside open GOP?
Does you compiled DVD play in software player?
I am little confused about part with DvdReMake.
Did you see any red marked command lines when you deleted those extra titles?
If so did you fix that before export?
If you know DvdReMake good and can use commands, than you can import your DVDLab compilation into it and redo your DVD.
I do this sometime.
DVD lab use “Abstraction layer” for its program to make it user friendly so people can use graphical connections.
It introduce lots of unnecessary commands into a program. That is also reason you cannot use registry form 11 to 15.
You can also use command line in Lab, but I found it little difficult, ReMake is much easier.
You can also get PgcEdit (free) and import your DVD in, to see if it show any command errors.

Ok, now i have imported unedited dvd .vob files to DVDLAb

first step:
2nd step:
3rd step:

because of the timer, last time i just skipped this message. now i see that it says “the file will play fine but chapter points may not start accurately”

well then it tells me about some encoder.

So i need to somehow close those GOPs in order for the chapters to work? But how, i didn’t use an encoder, and my DVD player/recorder has no options at all, it just records to DVD and thats all.

Results for DVD Styler

What i did:
imported 1 movie file .vob
through properties i changed default chapters to those i need:

added buttons to menu and assigned chapters
pressed “burn…” button.
Everything like the manual says.

So well, i still can’t figure out whats wrong. :frowning:

You do not have to worry about open GOP. That is a message Lab points out, but can be easily ignored. Most VOB come like that, [B]no problem[/B].
What I see on last picture that your files are not demultiplexed.
DVDLab like to work with elementary streams.
Did You change anything on setup?
Open DVD Lab go to "Project-click open, Project properties, Options"
In Options see if under VOB it say Demultiplex without asking, if not set that one into window.
I am afraid that you will have to import your files again to be demultiplexed, but your background picture is saved so it will be there.
Once files are in connection window, click on each film and under Movie click Rebuild frame index (green diamond will appear as chapter point).
Connect your buttons and compile.
It should work.

aleluja;CDuncle seem to be pretty knowlegable on this so his advice is better than mine.
The error DVDStyler shows:
ERR:SCR moves backwards,remultiplex imput.
Is telling you the vob has a time code problem.
This was done by one of the other software you used on the vob.
If i understand this the vob plays to that point then hits an earlier time code(timestamp) that tells it to go back to a place it has already played.

to close the GOP in DVD Lab:
Tools>Rewrite GOP Timecode ( have the video file highlighted in your asset bin)… but in general, open GOPs do not affect playback

Its alive! Its ALIVE! heh :slight_smile:

Thank you all for help, it now works. De multiplexing was the solution. Chapters work good now.

Now i just have to figure out how to change thumbnail picture.
Also, how to make that if i play the chapter in menu2, and then after i press “menu” on DVD player remote, it would go back to menu2? For now, it returns to menu1 (from menu2 and menu3).
Well, i don’t know if you understood what i just wrote :slight_smile:

cholla, you were also right about the time frame. GOP indicator in DVDLab showed me that time is going from 00:00 to 9:00 then again from 00:00 to 2:30 and again from 00:00 to some other time. But i used the original files then, not modified.

Good to hear that everything went well.

DVD control Menu button will always return to “Root” menu and that can be only one/VTS, so you are out of luck there.
From what I see you have three movies and three menus, you can make connection from each movie to the corresponding menu instead of Root, as it show in your connection window.
Trick with remote is that some of them have more than one button for menu, like Audio or Chapters, so if you name other menus like this you can use those buttons to get back to them.