Need Technical Help on Transferring Songs

Hi, I know this might be a long shot, but I figure someone can help me out. I am an ex mobile DJ with lots of records-(45’s, 33’s) I also own a recent HP Media Center PC Model #M7100Y. This is what I need to find out:

I want to transfer many of my records into my PC, then put the info on discs. Afterwards, I plan to sell much of the vinyl. I still have my turntables- (Techniques SL-1200) What I don’t know is what exactly do I need to make the connection from the turntable RCA connectors into the PC. I have heard I will need some type of preamp to do this right.

All help is greatly appreciated. Walker1 :confused:

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OK, Thanks. I must have misread another post. Say I bought a 45 record in 1958 for 10 cents. Now I want to keep it on a dicc and sell the vinyl. What’s the problem? I own the record???

I picked up one of these pre-amps at Radio Shack several years ago to do the same thing. You can do this with Nero, Roxio and other software. I used a program called RipVinyl
See if this helps.

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