Need teac burner firmwares

Hey guys. I decided that it was time to take apart my external cd burner. It’s called a backpack cdrewriter.

Its similar to the one above, except, its an oldr model that cn only pull 8x4x32 over pcmcia.

Well i opened it up and guess what? Its a teac. It was plainy labeled on the drive Teac cdw58e. I put it in my desktop and confirmed this.

Well i got to thinking, i wanna overclcock it. So ive been searching for the past hour on google for firmwares with no luck.

So basically what im looking for is any teac cd burner firmwares of the .bin variety. I found some in the exe updater format, but it checks to make sure that its the correct drive and doesn’t extract the bin anywhere, so nu luck.

Then i thought, d-tools can create virtual cd drives. So i go and set it up with the drive and edit the parameter to match that of the drive for which i have the updater.

I ran the updater and it didn’t tell me that it couldnt find the drive, it just froze and nothing happened. Nothing on the screen. So i open up task manager and have to end its process.

Anyway, if anyone could please help me out i’d really appreciate it.:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: