Need TDK 522438 firmware

Anyone has a firmware of it? i want to oc my tdk4800B to it? would it be possible?

it’s not 52x24x38, it’s 52x24x48 and I haven’t got the firmware for it yet. Overclocking the 4800B to it should be possible.

sorry typographical error, by the way could you inform me if somebody want to share it wit us…

Thanks to neo_reloaded for backing it up from his drive.

Windows Flasher and Binary.

Thank You very much! I’ll try it now…

Tried to OC with this firmware and no success! In windows, I get the message “No support drive” in DOS, mktflash does not flash my drive (TDK4800B)
Any suggestions how to OC 4800B to 5200B?

Alright, it was a problem with the TDK Windows flasher I used. Everything is fine now, I tested it myself.[ol]

This firmware does not increase the speed of burning at all. A few people have tested it and the max speed remains around 48X, did not hit 50X at all.

See this thread.

Yeah, well, some people want it…

Thanks for the link by the way. I think some people over there were kinda confused…

No problem. Is the link given above for the first or second version that you mentioned?

The first version is completely removed. The working flasher and the binary are in this file.