Need TDB 111D 1.06

please someone PM me this file so i can flashback to 111d 1.06 so i can upgrade back to offitioal 1.23 firmware.

thank you.

Please guys, i’m looking for this file for two days.

please someone pm me the TDB firmware 1.06 for pioneer 111D.

i need it to fall back to original firmware. i don’t need the auto bitsetting to DVD-ROM.


B_ah, if you had read the threads about it you would know that you DON’T NEED it.
That’s at least what I’ve translated to my mother-tongue from TDBs posts. :bigsmile:

I do need it to go back to 111D and then upgrade to 1.23.

i can’t do that with any of the files in TDB website, and i’m doing tests for more two days now!!

if you can help and give the files, or can point to a thread of how doing so , and have the related files in it , i will be gratfull.

[B]and by the way, all i do in the last two days, it reading this threads.


Their firmware packages speak for themselves…
What you are trying to do is crossflashing, that’s an complete other area.

OK, have you re-downloaded the package you want to flash with from TDB?
They have re-packed their packages.

i need to do crossflashing to the original which is 111d, that what i explaind.

now it works on 111 1.06, which is not helping me to upgrade to any of 111d firmware!

Why don’t you use an flasher from TDB included in these packages and run it using the standard 111D firmware from Pioneer?
I would try it.

i did that, then the flasher says that something wrong with the firmware and that it’s illigal.

What was the exact output?

forget it, i’m raising my hands!!!