Need Suggestions on New DVD Burner



Hello everyone,

  I need some advice on purchasing a new burner. I've been having problems lately with reading DVDs with lables on them. Anyone have a suggestion on which of the new burners can read them without any problems? I've been looking at the Pioneer A09 or the NEC 3520.



Pioneer drives are some of the best readers. If the Pioneer A09 can’t read your discs, it is unlikely that many other drives could…


i have the nec 3520 firmware 1.u6 dvd+ discs can set to dvd-rom. quality is very good.
no problems with the drive. :iagree:


My old Plextor 712 is also a very good reader. The NEC 3500 won’t read a badly scratched DVDs.

Putting label on CD/DVD is a no no. The warning label on most media said not to attach anything on the CD/DVD. The label will “unbalance” the disc, causing excessive flutter of the reading surface when the disc is spinning.

Use a felt-tipped permanent marker to label your discs.