Need suggestions for Printable media for 3500 and 3540

I have been reading everything I can find here and in the Media forum, but I am a little overwhelmed.
Soon I will need more discs. I am currently using TY -R 8x printables and they seem great, but I am open to trying others. So far I think I have narrowed it down to these choices. All are -R as that is all I burn. All will be using the latest Liggy/Dee firmware.
I use them mostly to backup DVD Videos. I am the U.S.

TY 8X White hub printable
TY 16X White hub printable (These are the most expensive)
Verbatim Datalife 8x Hub printable (These are the cheapest by far)
Verbatim Datalife 16x hub printable

Any other sugestions for hub printable’s would be appreciated.


Well, I guess you narrowed it down already.
My choice also would be verbatim and or TY because of the good disc quality.

Also I am very pleased with the printing of both discs. I used an Canon Pixma 4000 and it really is good.

Not as nice as the TDK Photo Inktjet dvds i recently bought (5 pcs) but they are very expensive te get and thats why i use Verbatim or TY.

Yeah Pixma 4000 rules but for Verbatim You have to create a custom Disc Profile to print up to the inner edge of the disc :slight_smile:

I use both with my Epson R300 and am very happy with them. DON’T get Ritek or Ridata, for some reason their printable discs are lousy, not the printable part but disc burn quality. I don’t know why, but I bought 3 different stacks (one was Piodata that ID’d as ridata) at 3 different times from different venders and many were coasters with huge amounts of unreadable areas on the scandisk check, I threw them all out. Didn’t want to waste any more ink.

The only other printables I use are Maxell-MIJ’s. I would consider them 5th choice after the 4 you posted though (haven’t used any TY 16x yet).

Of the ones listed, if you had to pick one which would it be?


TY 8x, Verbatim next. I think the burn quality is a little better with the 8x. What’s 5 min. after all? It’s the quality that matters. Print quality is pretty much equal on all.

I use -R inkjet-printable discs, too (all hub-printable). That said, the option I’ve found that best ballances quality with price seems to be Prodisc. The ones I’ve had (two diff batches from two diff vendors) were MCC02RG20, and burned at 8x (as advertised). Kprobe scans showed them to be very good media (PI under 30, PIF under 3 with my NEC 3500, and PI under 9 and PIF under 2 with my Pioneer A09).

I’ve also had pretty good luck with the Optodisc 8x (OPTODISCR004) and High Speed 8x (also MCC02RG20). The Dupsonics are horrible. Its mediacode shows TY, but it must be faked as none of my 5 DVD burners can produce anything remotely decent (assuming Nero doesn’t just quit during the process). Which is ashame, becuase it was the only printable surface I’ve tried that didn’t seem “sticky.” BeAll (BeAll G40001) was also bad, although the burns did at least finish.

Prodisc so far is the best quality/price (for me, at least). The surface holds ink well, although like any other printable media I’ve tried it always seems “sticky” and the ink will smear if you get near water. I guess thats just the nature of the beast?

I can’t vouch for any on-line vendor (because I don’t know where you’re from), but I do really like, although thats the only one I haven’t orded from. The reason I like them though is from the email conversations I’ve had. They seem VERY customer-oriented and willing to bend over backwards to help (more than willing to send out free samples for you to try). The only down-side is they don’t carry the cheapies that I like.

I’ve had trouble with many of the others, though ( flat out lied about free shipping, sold misrepresented discs as hub printable, then wanted me to pay to send them back, and currently is ignoring emails about the above-mentioned Dupsonics). Whoever you do go with, though, check out these forums and places like (presuming you’ll be ordering on-line and not going to B&M)