Need suggestion on DL media



this will be my first time entering the DL world
since I’ve recently purchased a NEC DL burner

please suggest some good brands to try that will be compatible with DVD players



Verbatim DVD+R DL :iagree:


There really is no other worthwhile option of those [B]Arachne[/B]'s suggested.


[I]Ter repetita[/I] - Verbatim DL +R


hi.i used memorex dvd+r dl copy wasn’t bad,but it costs me $17 for 3pk,my next choise will be verbatim dl+r


Not only have you been ripped off, but you have been ripped off for inferior media :eek:
10 disc cakeboxes of Verbatim DVD+R DL can be bought for less than $19.99 nowadays :stuck_out_tongue: