Need suggestion for data achieve w/ DVDs



I need to backup about 70GB of files with each file around 100kb.

I don’t want to use tape drive because I have no other needs for the tape drive after I backup the file (plus the data is not something I would sink >$50 in).

I decided that I would use DVDR DL, but is there any software that would automatically divide the data into 8.4GB/Disc? (As in I input the +70GB files into the software, the software put the files into 9 discs automatically. All I have to do is swap the DVDs once they are done burning.

Also, is there any software that would record the file/directory list? The software would (ideally) save the list under the disc’s name. When I want to access a particular file, I could just check which disc it is in by opening the database software and check the lists.

Also, do UDF, Joliet, and ISO9660 have limits as to how many files you can put in one folder/disc etc?

Thanks for the help.