Need .sub editor



I need a working sub channel editor (clone cd format).

I have SubCodeEditor, but the UI is horrible in that one.

I like Subcode Analyzer, but the tool is bugging and you can’t edit the data in some sections for some reason.

Can anyone point me to a tool like Subcode Analyzer which doesn’t have bugs? =]



I don’t bother with that sort of thing myself but DVDSubEdit is highly recommended by those that do.


#3 is the best.


+1 for DVDSubEdit, if I want to bother with subs…:wink:


Hrm, I think you misunderstood what I need, hehe.

I need to edit sub channel data (P-W) from CD’s, not edit Subtitles from DVD’s.


Sorry, the thread title says you need a .sub editor and that’s a very popular DVD sub-title format.

Not sure about the other thing though.