Need Speed2Underground CD/DVD Emulation software detected?



You know this sucks. I just went out and bought a copy of Need For Speed 2 Underground. Installed it. Now this… CD/DVD emulation Software has been detected. Please disable all cd/dvd emmulation software and restart the game. I emailed Support… yeah… I realize that will get me nowhere now. Please help? What do I need to do to get this to stop. I probably have things, I never use on this computer, (Just in case Software). All I want to do is play the game. Can anyone point somewhere or explain what I need to do. Thank YOU EA… no wonder people hack this stuff.


You’re using CloneCD on this PC?


Yes have Clone cd, one of the last versions. I didn’t upgrade it on time. Its a purchased version before they changed companies.


It’s likely CloneCD is what is causing you problems.
See if it runs with CloneCD uninstalled.


Will try that today. You know, here I am… I’ve bought 3 games in 4 years… Wolfenstein, BF Vietnam, and now NEED For Speed. No problems before. I feel like sending this game back to them. Its just unbelievable. Sorry just venting. If anyone else some suggestions… I would welcome them all.


Or it could be an older version of Alcohol 52%/120%; uninstall both just to be sure.


I haven’t unistalled clonecd yet. I’m not sure I have a saved copy of that anywhere on my system, and I use it to copy cd’s I make. I do have an old version of Alcohol 1.4.3 (Build 518) that I never use. So it could be that. Isn’t there anyway to just do something else rather than uninstall a program. This is My Computer… Thats like Ford telling me I can’t put a Sony radio in it. What is this world coming to? GREEDy SOB’s :bow:


If the Sony radio enabled you to make replica’s of your Ford car which you could then sell/distribute, then I am pretty sure they WOULD have a problem.


Sitting here a week still haven’t played the game. My fault though, haven’t disabled my old Alcohol, or Clone Cd. Here’s what I’m thinking of doing. Uninstall the game completely. I just bought the upgrade to Virtual Drive 7 from Farstone to Virtual Drive 9 Utility & Burning Suite. Haven’t installed it yet. Now I should buy a new Copy of CloneCD… So i guess my question pertains to “What Else to Buy”? Or Should I buy?
Clone DVD?
I have A Liteon1633S burner. I’d just like to get what I need so that the next time I try to play a Game I BOUGHT, I can play it without spending 10 hours trying to get all the software together, then have to perform miracles to let the legitimate game to play, just because I decide to put something on my computer that "SOMEONE ELSE like EA " decides they don’t like. Looks like they cause all these hacking problems themselves. Thanks for the help.


Here is a thought… I have 3 Firewire drives. What if I put the emmulation software on the Firewire drives? Would Need For SPeed still see the emmulation software on the Firewire Drives?


yes, they would be found because there are some entries in the windows registry.
The only solution is to upgrade your software.
I’m using CloneCd 5.1 (for audio-cd’s), Alcohol 120 (for making imgages of software) and Daemon Tools 3.47 (for mounting them).
No problems so far and all of them do their job great.

One last hint: Try to uninstall Virtual Drive because that’s emulation software too…
And always use the latest version of daemon-tools (if you have installed one)

Good Luck :wink:


Take a look at this thread:

Kill SecuROM Emulation Detection

It may help. I’ll bet they’re looking at your registry, too. You’re right, BTW, you should be able to run whatever you want on your PC. It’s none of the game maker’s business.


Probably wouldn’t work Ice, considering NFS UnderGround 2 is SafeDisc.


It’s worth a shot. I suspect that Safedisc and securom go at it the same way: by looking for emulated drives. If you hide them from snooping, prying eyes, it should work.


Have you looked here? It says Nero Image Drive! Now that is just taking the micky!!!



i had this prob m8 when i installed daemon tools
i didnt work after removing so i re formatted hd worked perfectly ever since