Need Sony DW-Q28A drivers for Media Center, Win Xp recognizes it, not Media Center

Okay, I have been going insane because I have a dual boot system with Windows xp pro and Media Center 05. I have a Sony DW-Q28A DVD±R Drive and it is recognized and works 100% in Windows xp pro, but when i boot into Media Center 05 and go to system properties and hardware, it shows that there is a Sony dvd drive, but it has a yellow question mark near it and says there are no drivers, it doesnt show up in my computer, I have looked everywhere for answers, for drivers, and nothing, there dont seem to be any drivers or firmware for this drive, please help me if you know anything, let me know if this is a medai center issue or what could it be it doesnt make sense, myabe something in the registry is messed up, PLEASE HELP ME!

Try disconnect the driver, boot your Media Center without this driver, shutdown, connect again the driver, boot again Media Center and see in Device Manager if it is OK now.

Even MCE doesn’t need any other extra drivers…