Need Sony CRX195A1 CD-RW Frimware

:bow:Can anyone send me the original firmware of Sony CRX195A1? If you have a Sony CRX195A1 CD-RW which was manufactured after Aug 2002, can you please use mtkflash to backup its firmware and email it to me ( I would truely appreciate your help. (One of the chipset inside my burner is marked as ZYU5).

One stupid thing I have done to it is I upgraded the firmware to LTR-40125S ZYS2, ZYS3, ZYS5 from without backing the original firmware first.

After first firmware upgraded, I found this burner can’t recognize any CD media at all, not matter blank or not. My PC can recognize this burner at BIOS and windows 98, XP , but it can not read any CD (keep telling to insert disc) . I have checked the driver and setting under windows, and found no problem. But it just can’t read any disc.

I guess my only chance to bring it back to life is to flash it back to CRX195A1 (must be A1 not E1) and maybe version ZYU5 ( I am not sure, I didn’t not remember).

You’ll probably have to use the ZYU1 firmware to recover. It would have been nice if you would have made a backup…

Otherwise you can probably use a LTR-32123S firmware to recover.

Thank you for the advice.
I tried to flash back to ZYU1 last night to use both mtk winflash and mtkflash. None of them worked, because in mtk winflash, it could not recognize my burner under ATAPI option, and I selected IDE option, I got a error said can’t identify the flash type or something like that. So I have to use mtkflash under DOS. But after I typed in the commend, I only see “mtkflash… Joseph Lin… version…” then nothing is going. I knew it stop before identify the flash type again. So I had to reboot the PC after waiting for about 10 minutes. I still see the BIOS recogized it as Sony CRX195E1, I knew nothing got changed.:confused:

I will try again tonight. Thanks for helping.

Last night, I tried to use mtkflash and mtk winflash with my burner on other PC. This time I didn’t get error message on Flash type, but the burner’s still not working on any tpye of firmwares mentioned above.

What’s next to do? Do I still need the original 195A1 firmware?:frowning:
Thank you.