Need some serious help - NEC1300A firmware mess up!



I’m a newbie lookinf for some help! I was flashing my E: drive which is a NEC_DVD_RW ND1300A with some of the latest flashes and things went wrong - I flashed it with the wrong firmware and it now shows as -
Can some one help me - is my drive knackered because when i go in to try and flash it back to nec it can’t recognise any drive?? i hear theres a way to do it from dos but i dont know how - is anyone kind enuff to show me some step by step directions to get my writer up and running again! cheers.


Use BINFLASH and a suitable firmware.


There’s nothing wrong. The IOmega drive is just a rebranded 1300A, so you still have a NEC firmware in your drive–it just shows a different name. If you want to flash back to a firmware that bears the NEC name, you can use binflash.

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