Need some recomendations plz

I currently have the NEC -3500 internal burner in a Bytecc external usb inclosure. It has done fine with backing up movies. It has been a pain to try and create dvd data discs though… never could figure otu what the problem was. I was using TY 8x DVD-R discs after getting the recomendation from here. They ahve worked great and I never made a coaster. I recently ran out of those discs so I ordered some TY 16x DVD-R discs and when I try to burn them I get a burn error. Is my burner not compatable with the media? I have tried different burning programs and different types of data all with the same result. So I decided I would purchase a more up to date burner. What are your recomendations? I would like a burner that is an all around good burner with DVD DL compatability. Thanks in advance for your help