Need some quick advice

I was searching through the forums real quick and didn’t see an answer…

I just got my NEC 2500A so I need some dvds to burn… Anyone know where the best deal is this weekend?

What is the firmware that is most trusted?

And lastly can I use a dvd+ or -rw to test out my dvd player’s compablity and my intelgence on make a dvd? (will dvd players like sony read dvd±rw s?)

Thanks in Adv!


Check this thread for info on firmware.

About the best deals, is pretty good, check out their special options section,

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks for the firmware link…

I think it would take a long time for those disks to get to Utah from the UK… any other closer sites?

Or perhaps OM or Staples have any good deals this week on media?