Need some opinions on TY DVD+R 8x

Ok I bought these recently off Rima, and I’ve heard that place mentioned a few times so I figure these are genuine. They were burnt at their rated speed.

Anyway I noticed that my PIFs seem to be always four times higher than the average in scans I’ve seen of this media. I also scanned these with a BENQ drive with similar totals.

There’s also a PIF spike around the 1500MB mark… every single disc from this batch. Shows up on both Samsung and BenQ drives. I’ve burnt 10 so far, and took these 10 from different parts of the spindle (top, middle, bottom).

Are either of these issues cause for concern in terms of data longevity? I don’t really care about playback or compatibility on standalones, just data longevity.

Also, the first disc in the batch, at the very top, had physical defects, dark spots near the outer edge. None of the other discs seem to have these defects luckilly.

Looks fine lol. I was expecting 100,000 PIE and 1000+ PIF with a big PIF spike of like 10 or something. Those results look fine to me. My T02 scan without about the same PIE.

They should be absolutely fine for archival [B]and [/B]playback.

Thats a good scan. I don’t think you have anything to
worry about.

You will occasionally see T02 scans that are even better than this,
but they are usually scanned at 4x.

Scan looks very good - nothing wrong here at all. :slight_smile:

I would take that burn, any day of the week & twice on Sundays.

:iagree: What b b said :slight_smile:

It looks great, believe it or not there are worst batches.

By any chance, can you read out the batch number?

Heyyo run a Transfer rate test (TRT) and post it here. A lot of times i post a TRT here of new batch,spindle,tape wrapped etc…and that will give me a guide of what i expect most of the rest of them to be. Reference point and i can look at it where ever i go :iagree:

I’m trying my best to get a Samsung S203B to burn 20X DVD’s just like i can with my new build as soon as Newegg gets my one last part in my quest will be over and on to the new one :bigsmile:


One code says TG000041; another says DE(orF)717A105010PG


Attached is the TRT.

I don’t have a batch of TG000041, but I do try to burn "bad batches’, by TY standards, at 8x to get the best out of them especially with my Samsung S203B. Strat swap doesn’t seem to help that much either. But my Benq’s slightly has an advantage here.