Need some new sites to look at

I have read the news a CNN, MSNBC,New York times, and LA times. I have looked the the latest post here. I have went to and read the things there. I have played many games of solitaire. I need a new site or sites to look at that, will be interesting or I will have to just go to bed and I hate that.
Someone out there must know some great sites to go to. Even some nice overseas newspapers site might be nice.

My favorite site on the net (along with cdfreaks) is ArsTechnica. Their front page news and editorials are good, and the forum is a wealth of knowledge on virtually anything you can imagine. They have just added a science subforum you might like if you go to
Front page—has a link to the forums there too.

The Ars Journals are hit or miss though. I rarely look through them.

not bad thanks

A couple more, besides arstechnica ,which I enjoy btw!..
for local news in Southern Calif,

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