Need some more input - Buying a new burner

By the way, I wrote this on a different forum so if you’ve seen this topic before, pardon me because I just want some more input.

I’ve been researching about DVD burners for sometime now and I’ve stopped at these two:

IDE- Pioneer 115D - <!-- m --><!-- m -->
SATA- Samsung S203B - <!-- m --><!-- m -->

I currently have 200+ Taiyo Yuden TY02 8x -R and it has been burning crappy with my LG drive that only seems to like +R media. I know that they are not valueline because I paid for the premium ones at a respectable site. I’ve seen the consensus about the 115D, but I do not have any extra IDE slot to hook up an IDE drive. I could probably buy a cable so I can attach more than 2 IDE components if it is better than any SATA drive. I’m leaning towards a SATA drive since I have so many unused ports right now, but if the IDE drive is better, I would consider it. Also for the SATA drive, I’ve noticed that there were newer versions of the drive, an S203N version ( which also has an IDE version.

I’m very lost about which drive I should get to make use of my Taiyo Yuden media that has been sitting there for quite a long time.

On replies from my other post, it was suggest by one of the members that I might want to take a look into the Pioneer 215 as another good candidate for a SATA burner, basically from good reviews from this site.

Also I’m not sure about my capabilities to use a SATA burner. My mother board is:

I know that it has two chipsets for SATA components, but I’ve used the P965 chipset for RAID with 2 hardrives. I still however have the JMicron Controller chipset, and it says that it provides two Serial ATA connectors for RAID 0, 1, and JBOD functions. Am I still able to use a SATA burner? Thank you for your time and sorry for such a long question filled post.

Buy the Pioneer,115 or 215 preferably.

Which ever burner is priced right and has good reviews is always the best burners!