Need SOme Lite-ON/DVD advice

I have a SOny DDU1211 DVD drive that i flashed and turned into a liteon LTD122>and updated the firmware on the LTD122. IM still getting crappy reads. DOes anyone have experience with this model? I cant copy any original games. I tried nero, clone cd, CLony XXL and no luck and it seems to hate some media(wont detect some imation cdrs i have). I think my drive can be having lazer problems. I am trying to think out my possibilities. Also Is it possible to flash it back to a sony DDU1211 ? Also Can i …Flash it/Overclock to a newer mode? And can i Recalibrate my lazer on the DVD rom? SOrry if i am confusing some of you, these are all things that are flowing in my head as to what may be the probs solution… Or maybe this liteon DVD drive LTD 122 i flashed my sony too is not good for Copying games from the getgo. Any comments and help will be greatly appreciated. I have a Liteon 48x burner also.But im sure thats not my cd copying problem, the burner works exellent!!! I will appreciate any comments or suggestions. I am gonna buy a DVD-R burner in a while…but i hate to just let go of my DVD drive so easily with out a fight.

Imation = CMC Magnetics = crap discs.
Flash back? Not sure, I do not think it’s possible (it’s possible if it have a mediatek chipset AND you have the original firmware version as binary).
OC? Not possible.
Laser calibration? Can’t be tuned by users at least…I think :wink: