Need some Italian Translation - NO MACHINES!

Hello! Well, I’m back from being sin binned. Firstly, sincere apologies to whomever I offended, and if ya give me the chance to redeem myself, I’ll take it :D.

Now, I am selling my HS810 on eBay…its a wireless headset for a cell phone. I know it says I ship worldwide, but it didn’t say I was bilingual!!! Please translate this into Italian for me…remember, I need an ACTUAL translation - NOT done by a machine online!

Hello! The product is brand new, but I do not have the packaging. There is nothing wrong with it at all! I do not actually speak Italian, I had my friends at help me out. The cost to ship to Italy will be $10 American / €8. Please pay with PayPal! Thanks!

Really appreciate it guys! :iagree:

Why not post it at the Italian Forum. You’ve got more chances for a translation…

I considered it, but.

  1. That place is dead.
  2. AFAIK, no English was allowed in the Int’l forums?

google translate is good, but not perfect, howvere i think there is a way to may somebody to manualy translate it propely, however i dont know how much it will cost.