Need some input! on sony cr-x175a1

recently i have been hearing praises on the sony cr-x175a1 on how easy it can copy sd 2.51 (i.e mohaa). i went on clone cd’s website (old one) and it had 2 little stars on EFM correction. i was more then happy to purchase the cd-writer. well after a couple of weeks when i went back to (clone cd’s new site) it only has one sheep. what happen?? is the new version of clone, crap for my writer? should i stick with the old version that had 2 stars on EFM? i know what all you lite on ppl are gonna say :Z so i want some real input not suggestions on gettin another cd-writer. thnx in advanced.

It probably has to do with this…:slight_smile:

I have the Sony CRX175A1 (firmware 5YS2) and I have no trouble making working back ups without “aws” enabled . You might try writing with aws enabled,reading and writing at less than maximum speed or if you are reading with your cd-rom try reading with the Sony cdrw. BTW have you tried any back ups yet?

ya i tried stronghold which has sd2. other then that nothing to spectacular. btw is the firmware u have the factory default or did u update it?

Firmware is factory shipped. You might also try different media. There are some excellent posts on CDFreaks about the subject of substandard media.

i buy tdk 100pack made in japan i know those are really good from experience what do you use? whats the games u copied ww1912?

I also use mostly TDK (80 min,32x). Newest games I have backed up- Serious Sam2, Jedi Knight2, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Tiger Woods 2001. Some older ones-MS Motocross 1&2, MS Midtown Madness 1&2, Commandos 1&2, Carmageddon3 and many others. LOL- I can’t remember if all were even protected or not. CloneCD has always worked so good for me it basically set it and forget it.

i wonder if we can do the new targe protection, have you come across ne game that u had trouble in?

Oh yeh , I’ve made my share of coasters along the way. But I’ve never came across a game I couldn’t back up so far. Usually just a matter of re-reading or writing again or adjustment of some settings.

Originally posted by ww1912
Usually just a matter of…adjustment of some settings.

ya future u da man those are nice settings for all, future do you think that our cd-writer equal to liteons? we have the cr-x175a1 one that you put on your list for copyin mohaa, and do you know y olli changed the rating on his site from 2 stars for EFM to 1?

I have not heard of one problem with the two Sony’s so I don’t why they were downgraded. The LG GCE 16x threw the elby team but when they tested it, but not one bad word about it here or anywhere I’ve looked - same with the ASUS 16x although the ASUS 16x is now up with 2 sheep. No complaints from any Lg 24x owners (after we fix 'em ;)) I hope to get the 175, from a colleague, in the next few weeks for some testing - I’ll see.

This thread &

this thread

have been amended - some ‘double dot’ burners added & subtracted.

I have also put all the ‘one dot’ burners into a txt file which I will include in “Down & Dirty” (in about 4-5 hours time when I get back to another box)

is their nething i or nebody with this drive can do to help?

Have you backed anything up yet? Results?

:)! i just made a perfect copy of mohaa and played it on my toshiba m 1402 and on my brothers comp and comp at work :slight_smile: PERFECT woohoooooo. didnt enable weake seactors either :slight_smile:

Very Nice :smiley: