Need some input on dealers



hey guys
I need some input on some dealers
what do you guys think of NBR-Bytes? Are they any good?
So far, they are the only one I've seen with AKIRA 6. Are they reliable?
Any other reliable dealers with AKIRA 6?


WarezMaffia has Akira 6, and Blade 2 on silver!,




Warezmaffia is a very good dealer.
They deliver fast and when a cd does
not work good they swap it with no
extra costs.


NBR seems to be okay. They delivered to Canada in 3 weeks from the time I mailed a letter to them until the package arrived. That’s pretty good considering they forgot to put the city on when they addressed the package, I guess those postal (zip) codes really do work. I’ve already placed another order with them.


I know that NBR-BYTES is the best dealer for Akira SILVER, i have always buy akira from him and have receive it in only 5 days ( i live in Germany). But also for other cds is ok like TL,CB,BLADE.


I got my blade 1 on silver in 2 weeks!
So there pretty good.



nbr is very reliable…i trust them with my money and it only takes 7-10 days to be delevered to the usa…and ive chated with one of there members and he seems like a nice guy…